No "Pro" in Pro Salon and Spa


Purchased a Groupon certificate in February, 2013 for a Manicure & Pedicure at Pro Salon and Spa in Scarborough.Instructions on their website indicated that appointments are to be booked online.

On February 26,2013 I booked an appointment for June 28, 2013 and got response that my appointment had been booked and an email confirmation had been sent to me. I never received that email confirmation, so I went to the salon in person on June 27th to confirm my appointment. I was assured by the technician that she would do my mani-pedi on June 28th at 2:15 p.m. I arrived at the salon at 2:00 p.m.

on June 28th (it was pouring rain outside), only to be told by the same technician that she could not do the mani-pedi because, according to her, I had not confirmed my appointment. I was livid! I told her she's going to honour my appointment and she said NO. I even showed her my printout confirming that my appointment had been booked.

The email printout contained the Pro Salon & Spa logo, so she knew it was legit. While waiting for her to finish with the customer ahead of me, another customer came in and was instructed by the technician to have a seat and get ready for HER appointment. I asked that customer if she'd booked her appointment online and she said No, she'd walked in the day before (June 27th) and been given an appointment for June 28th. It appears that because this customer was not a Groupon customer (e.g.

paying a discounted rate), she was slotted into my appointment time. I called a friend and got the number for Groupon. Fortunately Groupon refunded my money immediately. I can't believe how rude this technician was--she basically treated me as if I didn't exist, and she outright lied when she said that my appointment had not been confirmed when she's the one who told me to show up at 2:15 p.m.

I had even left my name and number for the Manager to call and (re)confirm the appointment.You can't get hold of anyone at this salon--neither by the phone number provided on the website nor by email.

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I agree!I purchase my vouchers on Kijiji deals (which is no longer operating either now) and when I booked my appointment online I didn't get the confirmation so I called to confirm and couldn't get anyone and no one allied me back.

We went in and the man was soooo incredibly rude I wanted to punch him in the face (& for anyone that knows me that's completely not like me) now I've been trying to call to book the rest of my vouchers and the number doesn't work nor the website!What a bunch of ***!!!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #703704

Same.....The name has changed,,,, I went ther in person....

She told me to go out side and write down the new phone number,,, !

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #702820

I agree.I purchased a voucher through Buytopia for a manicure and pedicare.

Made an appointment online, first available was months later. Went to my appointment August 2, and would not accept voucher.

Says they went bankrupt and changed name and reopened with same staff.Took off the day from work for nothing!

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